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Padel Club is a leading company in Qatar for design, build & operation of padel facilities with the aim to redefine padel experience. Our main purpose is to provide top quality padel courts available in the global market.


“Padel Qommunity” is a 360º APP platform that contains the latest technology to provide all services to Padel Players and Clubs.


Cork Padel is more than manufactoring rackets they creat high performance products that will improve your game!


Latest generation technology for padel and racket sports where with PADDEO, there are no errors in the score of your padel matches. Forget about the score, Paddeo will take care of it!!!

About Us

PADEL CLUB is one of the leading padel court supplier and distributor in Qatar with a new concept of padel. We design, build and operate padel courts and padel facilities. We have successfully completed padel projects in the MIddle East, Europe, Asian and Africa.
Our vision is to redefine padel experience in Qatar and beyond; to promote padel as a sport within local communities in line with Qatar Vision 2030.
We offer a wide spectrum of services provision related to padel sport, with one of them being to provide top quality padel court facilities currently available in the global market.
Despite being relatively new to Qatar market, we have secured projects for more than 200 padel courts over the past several years.
PADEL CLUB is an official and exclusive padel courts distributor of PadelGalis in Qatar and other regions. We represent PadelGalis and its products and services. PadelGalis is an Official World Padel Tour Supplier; and referred as Rolls Royce of the padel courts.
PADEL CLUB is a stable organization, that is focused on inter-disciplinary collaboration and team work to achieve successful results and exceeding customer expectation. Padel Club has the efficiency of a large corporation, although it is still learning, growing, and improving.
PADEL CLUB was founded by a diverse collection of individuals with an extensive background in sport, venue and project management. This experience spans several industries, including commercialisation, sport facilities operations, managing padel club and recreational activities, and events production. Our team takes full advantage of the invaluable experience it has acquired in the sports industries Europe, Asia and United States in sport industry, including knowledge of the standards of sport facilities and cultural expectations.
PADEL CLUB is growing and improving as we are passionate about our work and padel. We will continue growing in 2024/2025 and we are excited about upcoming new projects in our journey.
We provide the necessary resources to archive our vision.

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