We celebrated the 1st Abraj Bay Padel tournament in Abraj Bay complex where all the tenants and their friends enjoyed one of the tournaments happening in the city.


This tournament is not 100% open for everyone as the rules of the tournament is that at least on member of the team should be a tenant of the Abraj Bay complex.  But this rule didn’t stop us being able to organize, together with Abraj Bay, one of the best tournaments in Qatar.


The participants of the tournament, enjoyed the complete facilities of Abraj Bay, together with the lovely environment and tournament  atmosphere. Water, face towels, music and sweets from The Guilt Free Kitchen company were provided during the three days tournament. 


The 1st Abraj Bay Padel tournament was a huge success . Thanks to all participants and collaborators in the event. We are all ready for the NEXT ONE!!! And you? 


Event sponsored by:

Abraj Bay

Padel Club

Sports Corner

Padel Store Qatar

The Guilt Free kitchen

Lotus Flowers Spa

Al Bahia Beauty Salon





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