PADEL QOMMUNITY APP ready to join us?

The Spanish company Padel Qommunity uses advanced technology to enter into the APP market field of padel court booking, offering a single platform that supplies all padel services.


In collaboration with Padel Club Qatar, the startup based in Valladolid (Spain) has already launched its App on the Qatari market and actually is negotiating with four other countries.

The main attraction of this platform is the various features it offers, such as last minute reservations, create a match with their qommunity and your friends, events, coaches, stores and streaming.

It is also the only Padel Platform in Qatar that is translated into Arabic. Their international expansion has made Padel Qommunity a multilingual platform, which includes the language of each country where they operate. Now, in Qatar you can choose Arabic and English.

The application is very simple, intuitive and safe for the user.

Padel Qommunity platform offers a 360-degree platform that provides all the services Padel players need. Their goal is to provide the best value to their partners maximizing their profits by bringing the Qommunity together so they can change the padel world.



-Court Reservation:   

The platform provides the clubs with full control of their reservation system.

Clubs can increase their exposure and promote their services.

The platform improves last-minute reservations.

The App simplifies payments.

The platform brings INNOVATION to MAXIMIZE the club’s PROFIT.


The platform allows clients to book lessons with their coaches.

-Renting/selling sport material 

The App anticipate the needs of its clients and provides solutions by renting rent or buying the necessary equipment.


They are a full-service event organizer, the platform aims to build EXPECTATION, generate ANTICIPATION, and generate EXCITEMENT. 

-Registration to matches

Their Qommunity allows clients to play padel with different people with different levels with just one click.


They are the front door of the shop. The Platform bring to their clients their qommunity by including their online shop link in Padel Qommunity Shop Area.


The platform offers streaming services for EVERYONE to enjoy the games ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

Padel Qommunity works always with a mindset that allows them to think better of how to maximize profits for our partners.  

                         "You must take complexity out, you can add simplicity in"


Their business model is based on attracting, inspiring, and promoting the Qommunity of padel players

The CEOs motto: "We want turn the world of PADEL upside down"

Their main goal: To become the largest padel Qommunity and be the primary choice of padel players and clubs worldwide.

To do this, they focus on the following points:

  • PROVIDE SOLUTIONS and innovation to its customers
  • Maximize their customers' profits
  • Inspire padel players from all over the world
  • Change the padel world

If you have a padel business, you need the full management of your business or want to become a franchisee, contact them at

Their social media:

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!


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