Abraj Bay Padel League just started!!!!

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ABRAJ BAY PADEL LEAGUE will be organised in Abraj Bay for the first time. Two previous tournaments organised by Abraj Bay and Padel Club in 2021 showed a great potential of the teams and were an amazing starting point for creating a league in Abraj Bay where teams will have more opportunities to master their game.

The group stage will be organised in a way that registered teams will arrange the dates and the times between themselves and will only share the final score with the organisers via email or watsap. The 4 best teams from each category will qualify to the FINAL STAGE and they will play a small tournament in March in Abraj Bay Complex.


Teams can play the games based on the dates and timing agreed by the teams so if you know any tenant for sure you can be invited to see the matches.


1- One participant tenant and one participant can be not a tenant

2- Participants should provide all the information required by Google Form link

3- Registration via payment link and Google registration form

4- Each team has to pay 200 QAR via the link at the moment of registration (QAR 100 per person)

5- Teams are playing the matches according to the standing at the date and time agreed by the teams

6- Phone numbers and emails will be shared between the participants for them to organise the games

7- Tenants of Abraj Bay to book the court as per the normal padelcourt booking process. Tenants of Abraj Bay 2 are to book the padel court at Abraj Bay 1. Tenants from Abraj Bay 3 & 4 are to book the padel court available at Abraj Bay 3.

8- Tenants from Shark Tower, Al Jasra Residence (RES15) and Al Jasra Residence 2, 3 & 4 are to send an email to frontdesk4@abrajbay.com.qa & kristina.v@alshareef.com.qa mobile no. to request for suitable slots, depending on availability otherwise the next best suitable schedule shall be allocated for the match.

9- Padel Court is available for booking from 8.00 am to 10.00 pm.

10-Any team found not having a current tenant member from Abraj Bay, Shark Tower, Al Jasra Residence (RES15) and Al Jasra Residence 2, 3 &4 will be automatically disqualified and no refund of registration fees


1- Matches are self-umpired and should be conducted in the spirit of fair play.

2- Each team has to play against all other teams in the group the group stage. 6 best teams from MIX and Women category will be qualified to the Final Stage. For Men 3 best teams from each Group will qualify to the final Stage

3- The final group allocation for each team is at discretion of the organisers

4- All the teams should agree between each other on the date and time of the match.

5- In case of douce The Golden Point needs to be played

6- The allocation of the groups will depend on the number of the teams registered and will be announced after the registration is closed

7- Matches will be to the best of three sets, with a tie-break at 6 games all for each set (see tie-break below).

Tie breaks, when both teams reach 6-6 in a set, are played to 7 points. The first serve in the tie break is served from the right-hand side of the court by the team and player that should have served the next game. From the second point, each player serves for the next two points, starting from the left-hand side of the court. The tiebreak is over when one team reaches seven points, provided there are two clear points ahead of their opponents. If the score gets to 6-6 in a tiebreak, a team must have a two-point advantage to win the tiebreak. The team that serves first in the following set is the team that did not serve first in the tie break.

8- Points allocation:

You get 3 points if your team wins 2-0 or gets a walkover
You get 2 points if your team wins 2-1
You get 1 point if your team loses 1-2
You get 0 points if your team loses 0-2 or does not show up to a scheduled match

9- Reporting matches. Winners should report matches promptly sending the results to the Padel Club after the match is played by email tournament@padelclub.qa or WA: 33201550

We rely on players entering accurate scores and match details. Falsifying a result in any way, including submitting a result for a match that was not played, or suggesting to an opponent that a match result could be entered when it had not been played may result in the disqualification of any of the players concerned. Players are obliged report any attempts to manipulate results.

10- If you are cancelling a scheduled match make sure you get an acknowledgement from your opponent. If the message does not get through, the match may be deemed a walkover.

11- If a player does not turn up at the agreed time, or is more than half an hour late, the other pair can claim a walkover and receive 3 points or the match can be re-scheduled.

12- If a team wants to reschedule a match, they must give their opponents a minimum of 24 hoursnotice. If less than 24 hours-notice is given, the match may be recorded as a walkover in favour of the opponent and points awarded, although it is still preferable to play the match if possible. (If you are claiming a walkover, report the result with an explanation confirming that it qualifies as a walkover as the match had been firmly set up but cancelled with less than 24 hours-notice, or cancelled though a no-show.) If the players do subsequently play the match then the final points awarded will be according to which team wins the match. We will not necessarily retrospectively award walkovers.

13- You must try to organise all your matches as soon as the league commences. Your team must give your opponents a minimum of 3 different dates and times to play the match. Unless they suggest a minimum of three alternative dates/times, and one is acceptable, your team will get 3 points for a walkover. Proof must be supplied.

14- The allocation of the groups at the Final stage will be decided through the Drawing of Lots organised on 31st of March by the General Manager of Abraj Bay

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